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Your moment of WTF?

Could someone please explain to me just why in all the sane realms of existence a woman who

*  abandoned a home and filed for bankruptcy within the past year,

*  and already has SIX small children,

*  and lives with her mother,

*  and apparently has no partner,

should be allowed to undergo FERTILITY TREATMENTS and give birth to nearly a baseball team's worth of children doomed from the start to poverty and potential lifelong health problems?  Who the fuck financed this?

With all of the medical professionals who have such profound "conscience" issues when it comes to women curtailing their fertility, you'd think there might be some out there who'd have issues with the reverse.  I am fiercely pro-choice; and that includes upholding all choices a woman might make, including that of having a large family.  But this situation is an incredible trainwreck.  For all those who bleat "but think of the children"--well, in this situation, who did?  Who thought of the half-dozen young hostages to fortune this woman had already produced?  Who thought of the fate of the EIGHT newcomers?  She had the option of culling some of the implanted embryos, and refused to do so; it wasn't specified, but most likely because of a religious conviction.  What boggles my mind to the point of implosion is wondering why she would even want or NEED to undergo fertility treatments when she already has SIX children and no apparent means of supporting them

I'd like to take every single person who has ever, or will ever, dismissed a person who has chosen to remain childless, or to limit their family to a small number even when they might like to have had more, as being selfish, and beat them over the head with this case.  This woman's face ought to show up in the dictionary as the very definition of selfish

EPIC FAIL.  And a real tragedy for those fourteen children.

Posted at 10:49 am by taijiya


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