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Oh, for fuck's sake

I was reading at a message board with a higher-than-usual concentration of "conservatives," one of whom responded to a person's news of a job loss with something along the lines of "oh, hawhawhaw, atthere's some 'change we can believe in' ain't it?!"

For fuck's sake.  The man's been in office a little over a MONTH.  He's barely had time to change his socks, let alone the world. 

(Which is in the shape it's in, I might point out, because of the policies implemented by YOUR precious GWB and company.  So have yourself a helping of STFU and if you can't add something productive to the discourse, stay out of it.  Kthxbai.)

Hiraikotsu at the ready.  I think I hate these fuckers worse now than I did when their guys were at the helm; if they were nasty little brutes then, they're already starting to show just how vicious and vile they truly can be.  (Above example nowhere near the level of filth of which I speak.  That was just a mere annoyance; the truly bad stuff makes me so apoplectic with fury that I can't even comment coherently on it.)

Posted at 02:56 pm by taijiya


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