taijiya - demon (or spirit; youkai) hunter or slayer; one who performs taiji, esp. as an occupation

monogatari - tales; stories

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In which I bloviate, fulminate, pontificate and enumerate, to no real purpose other than the sheer joy of reading myself think.


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Cross-posting, or posting at all

I think I'm going to start cross-posting the spiritual stuff here and at Polyvalent Logic.  Why?  Because I can.  And because the only mono- in my life seems to be in the relationship realm; elsewhere I'm polytheist, and polyblogulous as well.  (I've got a LiveJournal account too, you know, as well as a MySpace account I never look at and a Twitter account I signed up for in a moment of curiosity then promptly abandoned.  There are only so many hours of the day I can spend in nonproductive off-goofing.  The rest of the time I need for sleeping.)

And if you've been wondering--all two of you who might actually still stop by here occasionally--just where my ass has been lately, it's been in the doldrums with the rest of me.  The proper name for What's Wrong With Me is dysthymia.  I'm functional, just not much fun.  :P

So the entries here may still be sporadic, but as they say, acknowledging that you have a problem is half the solution.  Writing has always been my best therapy, but don't worry; I won't bog the blog with emo shit and navel gazing and self-loathing blather.  TM here will continue to carry the usual--rants, wry observation, and lolcats.  Hey, it could be worse.

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