Entry: Inauguration Day 1.20.2009

Former President George W. Bush.

I like how that sounds.  I like looking over at the counter in the sidebar and seeing it set to zeroes all across; the symbolism is succinct and sublime.

I like our new president.  I like that he has qualities that one might naturally associate with the presidency, the highest office of the land: he is intelligent, dignified, poised, well-spoken.  Eight years of being quite certain that I--hell, that my cat--was smarter than the leader of my country was disconcerting to say the least.  I want my elected officials to be smarter, wiser, better-educated than I am: that's why they're the leaders!  It appears that we have that again, now.  The bus is no longer careening madly down the road, slamming into things while the ostensible driver sits panic-stricken in his seat, the steering wheel detached and clutched in his hands, a look of baffled horror on his face.  Someone else has put the wheel back in place and will attempt to get the bus back under control before too many more things get run over.  The passengers, hostages to fortune all, can breathe a bit easier now.

President Barack H. Obama.

I like how that sounds even better.


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