Entry: RIP, Dr. George Tiller 6.1.2009

A suspect is in custody: ...a bombmaker, tax protester, member of the "sovereignity" movement, anti-abortion zealot and Operation Rescue member: the arrested suspect manages to fit every stereotype of right-wing militia teabagger..

Can the pretense be dropped now, please?  Operation Rescue, and other organizations of its ilk, are nothing but breeding grounds of domestic terrorism.  If people were being detained on suspicion of potential terroristic activities based only on their religion's potential for violence and extremism, then it's past time that those who belong to these fundamentalist  "pro-life" groups be investigated on suspicion of same. 

There was an increase in pro-life terrorism during the Clinton years, and now history looks to be repeating.  There were even hints being tossed around in the media recently, to the effect that concern was rising over the potential for homegrown terrorism coming from those of the far-right fringe completely unhinged by Obama's election.  (During the Bush years, the right loved to toss around phrases like "Bush Derangement Syndrome" to dismiss progressives' reactions to GWB's policies; but I'm sure you'll never hear any of them cop to the obvious "Obama Derangement Syndrome" that had so many of them frothing like rabid wombats on day one of the new administration!)

According to the Associated Press, the Attorney General is now dispatching US Marshals to protect clinics and doctors.  Perhaps this will be the necessary impetus for President Obama to make signing the Freedom of Choice Act into the "priority" he once claimed (and later denied) it to be.


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