guest » Hellooooo!
taijiya » Hey! The anti-spam code thing is no longer active, so if that's been keeping you from tagging me, it shouldn't be a problem anymore.
taijiya » It seems to be working...
me » Is this thing on?
taijiya »
taijiya » They've added an anti-spam code feature to the tagboard, by the way.
The Doctor » hey taj ..
taijiya » I don't know what's wrong with the stupid thing; I was able to get it to come right up for me. ::grumble:: I appreciate you leaving me a tag--at least it appears to be working properly for once!
Andy » I can't seem to leave comments or tag board messages....
Andy » Just tried to load your comment form to leave a message about your beautiful cat scowling in that pic but the comment popup took forever to load and gave me a blank page! x
taijiya » What's wrong with my tag board?
Andy » Nope.....
Andy » Did my last entry appear?
Andy » Sorry I haven't been round for a while. Life has been busy and is full of sorrow right now as I've suffered bereavement...
Spicy Cauldron » Hi there! Thought I'd pop on over after you visited my own blog to say hi and have a wander through some of your posts. Hope you're well! x
DarkRaven » Grrr!
fetal feast » forever, forever, forever...
taijiya » Is this thing on? Nobody's tagged me in forever...
Saphfire Spirit » Just letting you know my new journal addy....
Saphfire Storm » Hi there. The stars are lit just for you... the wind blows just for the divine to touch you... take a deep breath babe.. it'll get easier. *muah
taijiya » Nope, that's Sango. She's my favourite.
The Doctor » still on vaction, but had some time to post some pic and say that kagome's pic?
Saphfire Storm » Konkichiwa! Hey you, how's it going?
The Doctor » I have returned after 1 month in the wilds camping. I hope all is well...
!eMiLy* » *blog hopping* nice blog!!
Saphfire Storm » Not much.. I will probably start my job soon so I'm trying to make my blog rounds this week... *Muah* kindred...LOL
taijiya » Hey! What's up?
Saphfire Storm » Hi there!!!
taijiya » Ooh, how mature.
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taijiya » If you're going to spam my tagboard, can't you at least SAY something?
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The Doctor » Ty for the b-day wish. Isnt my daughter a doll, have a good week.
The Doctor » Hi taij, I have built a happy B-day blog for Syaza (sweet girl). You can hear my cutie Aiyana sing and see some of my new tech skillz, just follow the link in my home page. Come give some hugs!
deejay » hey! nice blog!
Name » Message
The Doctor » hey just stopping to sat hi an good weekend
The Doctor » Have a great weekend. I just finished a post on how I came to blogging. Can you stop by and tell me (and readers) how you came to be a blogger?
Mr. Buddha Magoo » Thanks for dropping by!
Lady Penelope » Taijiya, thanks for the tag. Glad to see you agree, and everyone in Louisville ain't turned their brain off!
The Doctor » Ty for the tag...
saphfirestorm » Hola Taijiya! How goes it babe?
The Doctor » The end of one's existance. Contemplations of our mortality. Sometimes I long for that certainty, yet in my longing, I know no peace. Nice blog, stop by mine sometime.
fetal feast » do you mind if I add you to my linked list of favorites?
Saphfire Storm » Yep, I'm a fan.. can I link you?
bruce » I came to your site accidentially, but found it very good to read. Thanks.
Emily » love your blog. thanks for the comment!
Allison » Classy looking template and header! I think we have interests in common, I'll be back for sure.
metoo » happy anniversary, taijiya.
taijiya » Cool.
aris » it is
me » Is this thing on?